I now have THREE ON LINE WORKSHOPS available through the Create Along website!

They are:

THE "WEE-KINS",  Small, abstract sculptures made of polymer clay and a mix of other ingredients.  This workshop is a series of detailed videos taking you step by step through the process of how to create these figures, including how I sculpt my rustic faces without using molds.  Some wonderful surface techniques will be explored as well including my version of Faux Raku.  (For a full class description see my WORKSHOPS page).


BYE BYE BIRDIE: In this on-line video workshop I show how I create my signature polymer clay birds I call “Bird Peeps”. The theme of the class is “aviator peeps”, replete with aviator cap and goggles, but once you know the basics you can make them with any theme. I also show how to make a hot air balloon for your peep to pilot! (For a full class description see my WORKSHOPS page).

Bye Bye Birdie- Scroll down to the bottom of this page for a short video introducing this class and more about my Bird Peeps.

BATHING BEAUTIES: Also in video format I demonstrate how to create a polymer clay sculpture of a “swimmer” in her bathing suit, cap and inner-tube. This is a series of detailed and comprehensive videos so you will come away not only with a beautiful project, but also with useful techniques for future projects. (For a full class description see my WORKSHOPS page).

Bathing Beauties

Bathing Beauties

Here is a link to view all three of these on line workshops: LISA’S ON-LINE WORKSHOPS

NEW SERIES OF ART DOLLS ON MY ETSY SITE!! Titled, “Soulful Spirit Art Dolls”, these figures are designed to hang on the wall via a hook on the back. Polymer clay forms the soulful faces and blended clay forms the abstract head-dresses which are encrusted with glistening glass beads and crystals individually hand-set in apoxie. Beautiful fabric is used for the bodies embellished with a luminous polymer clay “button” suspending strands of colorful beads. Each doll is one-of-a-kind. If you would like to visit my Etsy site , you can click this link to my page: Lisa's Etsy


Soulful Spirit Art Dolls

I was asked to write an article for Art Doll Quarterly magazine about my Bird Peeps.  The publisher did a super job on the layout- there are 10 front-to-back pages chock full of my little polymer birds!  The bonus was that the Peeps were also featured on the Cover of the Magazine! It's the May/June/July 2016 issue.

My On-Line video workshop on Bird Peeps is available for sale (as well as two of my other classes). The theme is Aviator Peeps in Hot Air Balloons however once you know how to make the birds you can create them in any fashion. Here is a link to the class: Bye Bye Birdie. Once you purchase it, you can download it (or any of them!) to keep forever!  Here is a little video clip introducing the Bye Bye Birdie class. :https://vimeo.com/user224735/review/170005071/ebdd8a0eb1