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Friday, March 20

Polymer Alchemy: Creating a Faux Enamel Disc Pendant

In this 1 day workshop you will experiment like an Alchemist with powders, pigments and polymer as you explore the possibilities of my Faux Enamel technique.  You will construct a beautiful pendant-style necklace comprised of colorful, organically shaped and layered polymer discs that closely resemble enamel- but without all the fuss!   

The creativity begins as you make your own custom palate to be used as the basis for the process, combining shimmery and/or matte pigments in your desired colorway.  In doing so, the sky is the limit as to color choices.  I will also have on hand other coloring agents for maximum options!

We will work with a torch to make ball-tipped head pins to capture crystals and beads which will adorn the discs, adding contrast and just enough glitz to catch anyone’s eye!   Copper or brass wire will be shaped and hammered to form the neck-wire which suspends the discs.  I will have samples to try on so you can determine the length you prefer.  If time permits you may be able to make two separate disc assemblies in different colorways to interchange on the neck-wire.  With a chameleon-like quality this luminous and artful disc necklace will surprise you with its ability to blend with almost any color of clothing, and will quickly become your “go-to” jewelry item!

For more information or to sign up see Art and Soul Portland 2020

Saturday, March 21st   9:00 -4:00  and  6:00 -9:00

Old World Book

This is a 1 ½ day workshop in which you will make a gorgeous artist book that is reminiscent of an aged, cracked artifact you might find in the archives from another time.  

Beginning with a recycled book you will transform it into something else altogether!  You will replace the existing pages with blank signatures of white paper separated by beautiful watercolor paper folios.  A rainbow of colorful dyes, oil pastel crayons, and acrylic paints will be available to use with stencils and rubber stamps to make your painterly folios.

The book covers implement a texture technique that results in a surface that really embodies “old world” style.  I will demo this in class so you will know how to do it.  Because of the drying time needed for this texture process these elements have been partially prepared for you and are included in your kit. In class you will apply paints, encaustic wax, and oil pastel crayons all splashed with a little metallic sheen to complete a rich, tactile surface for your book covers. 

Embellishments for the cover include a choice of either a vintage, rusty metal door plate (all are different!), or a polymer clay “winged” face which you will be able to gild with luscious wax pastes.  Each enhances the “Old World Book” theme in its own way! (Please contact me by email at time of sign up to reserve your chosen embellishment!  lisarenner@tx.rr.com).

A soft leather spine you will sew onto the covers in rustic fashion binds this treasure together.  The rest of its contents are up to you…

This workshop  is quick-paced, allowing hands-on  opportunity to explore the techniques shown, and also timed such that you should take home a completed book that will be a one of a kind work of your art.  It is perfect to use for sketching or journaling and its size (8 ½ x 5 ½”) makes it ideal for travel.  No book-binding experience is required. 

For more information or to sign up see Art and Soul Portland, OR. 2020



Friday May 29th and Saturday May 30th

You Make my Head “Spinl(dle)!”

In this 2- day workshop you will create a uniquely abstract figure, using numerous and varied materials all to be powered by your imagination! The two days will encompass fabricating a polymer clay head, lavishly embellished, that tops a 9” antique wooden spindle (think giant spool!) serving as the body -an open canvas to decorate as you desire.  Your finished piece should be approximately 14-15” in height.

Day 1: Head and Techniques

We will take mixed media to the max using polymer clay, paint, beads, chalk, gorgeous gilding pastes and a whole lot more in our process.  Basic anatomical head proportions will be discussed as you use polymer clay and a simple armature to form the head for your figure. The face begins with a mold (I will have several to choose from for class use) and you will be shown ways to modify the features to customize it to your liking.  The face can be beautified with “make-up” or rustic with texture. No two will look alike!  I will demonstrate an optional crackle technique for the face that can add an aura of intrigue. 

The artful headdress you make from blended or scrap clay can be textured and gilded with metal leaf and will adorn the head like an unconventional crown- dazzling with a crest of sparkling beads!   I will have a selection of glass beads in an array of colors and sizes for you to choose from but please feel free to bring some favorite beads from home.  This is an excellent way to repurpose old jewelry that may be unwearable but still meaningful to you, so if you have a jewelry component you would like to feature in the crown (or on the body) please bring it.  I will also demonstrate my version of Faux Raku on polymer which you can optionally add to the head. (If you want to apply this, please bring a small container of Golden’s Micaceous Iron Oxide).

Day 2: Finish the Head and Decorate The Body

The “body” of the figure is a 9” antique wooden spindle (or textile bobbin).  When designing this workshop I wanted to re-purpose these beautiful spindles to function as an unusual body, and wrapping them with multi-textural threads and fibers in varying thickness and colors really seemed the appropriate artistic treatment.  You could also use fabric strips, dyed wool roving, scarves, dyed cheesecloth, jute or other cording.  (Some fibers and trim will be provided, but bring your own special textile elements from home!).   I will demo how to make a polymer clay Faux Enamel disc, or heart-shaped bead for an added component.  The world is your oyster here!  Let your imagination be your guide when choosing elements to bring to really make this figure your own.  I hope you’ll join me!

For more information or to sign up here’s the link to: Art and Soul, Colorado Springs

I HAVE THREE ON-LINE CLASSES available through the Create Along website. Full descriptions are below and links are also listed on my NEWS page:


These are small, quirky figures that you will fabricate using polymer clay and other mixed media materials.  Standing about 3-4” in height, they are huge with personality and charm!  In this workshop I will guide you through the basics for sculpting your own original rustic faces for these figures that will portray one-of-a-kind expressions and characteristics. 

The abstract bodies are simple forms and will be the dimensional canvas for the two surface styles we will explore.  The first is an opulent Faux Raku technique with or without crackle.  There are many variations of Faux Raku on polymer and mine is an amalgam of bits and pieces of those I have worked with for over 10 years. 

The second surface treatment I will demonstrate is the gorgeous, unpredictable lacy patterning representative of the shellac-burn on wax. Yes, folks, we will be playing with fire!  Wax on clay is sumptuous to the touch, and its luminous translucency invites you to look to see what lies beneath the surface. 

But you aren’t limited there… alcohol inks, acrylic paints, metallic powders, chalk, gilding pastes,  silk screens, or any combination of the above can all contribute to your surface design.

The techniques you learn will easily translate to other projects in figurative sculpture and mixed media.  Join me for a class filled with creativity and inspiration!  

The "Wee-Kins" On-Line Workshop

The "Wee-Kins" On-Line Workshop


BYE, BYE BIRDIE: In this workshop you will be making two whimsical pieces of art, each integral to our Bye Bye Birdie theme- A hot air balloon, and a Bird Peep as aviator. What’s a Bird Peep you might ask? It’s a small polymer clay bird with a little human face!  First you will construct a (15-18” total height) hot air balloon using easy to acquire materials. I will show you two different ways of crafting the balloon itself, and we will discuss a number of surface options for the polymer clay covered baske,t including image transfer.

The second part of the workshop will be focused on fabricating a “Bird Peep Aviator” to pilot the balloon! (Who better than a bird to fly it, right?) This is a jolly process because as you build your Peep, you’ll see its personality emerge and you won’t be able to contain your own smile!  To further complement the theme, I will show you how to make a simplistic set of small goggles and corresponding aviator hat from my own vintage-inspired design so your little Aviator will be ready for its travels! 

 Skills to be learned: Forming a simple bird armature,  sculpting and texturing the bird with clay, application of alcohol inks, chalks and other surface material, working with wire to fabricate the bird’s feet ,  how to make and work with face molds, construction of a small hot air balloon, image transfer on clay, quick paper mache, and more.


BATHING BEAUTIES: In this online workshop I will take you through all the steps to create your own sculptural art doll bust using polymer clay, ink, paint, and your imagination!  These little “Bathing Beauties”, encircled by their colorful inner tubes will delight you as you picture them swimming in an ocean, or floating in a pool on a summer’s day.

Working step by step, you will learn how to make and work with face molds to create a face for your figure, fabricate a simple armature for the head, body and inner tube to which you will apply polymer clay, sculpting and texturing as you go using easy-to-find implements.  Antiquing and color application including the make-up will be demonstrated which really brings your Bathing Beauty to life!   Variations and embellishments including making a sea-themed necklace will also be shown.

I hope you will join me for some fun with polymer!

Bathing Beauties

Bathing Beauty